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TIN Ducks Puzzle

TIN Ducks Puzzle

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A 1000-pieces jigsaw puzzle of Trans*, Intersex, and Non-Binary Ducks illustrated by Berlin artist Katja Anton Cronauer.

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Several pieces remain from a 1000-piece puzzle showing trans* inter* and non-binary ducks in a pond.

Trans*, Inter*, Non-binary Ducks

The mallards in this puzzle all have a plumage that is a mixture of the colors of typical female and male ducks. They thus symbolize gender diversity.

Even in reality, mallards do not always look like typical female or male ducks. In their youth and outside the breeding season, drakes wear plumage that looks very similar to that of females. Older female ducks produce increased amounts of testosterone, which causes their plumage to gradually resemble that of the males. Intersex ducks probably exist just as they do among many other animal species.

Painting of two ducks showing characteristically male and female plumage. The female duck in front has light brown feathers. The male duck in the background has grey feathers and a green head.

Cis Ducks

For comparison to the ducks in the puzzle, here are two adult cis-endo ducks as they typically look during the breeding season.

How many pieces?

1.000 pieces. Good luck!

  • Delivery within one week?

    We need 3 business days to prepare the puzzle. We'll email you the tracking link as soon as it's on its way!

  • What do I do with a finished puzzle?

    First of all, congrats to you for finishing it! 1000 pieces is a lot. Enjoy that found-the-last-piece feeling for as long as you can, and then:

    • Creative destruction: you could take it apart and give it to a friend, donate it to a community center in your neighbourhood, or sell it.
    • Hang it on the wall: you can get a frame and put it up as decoration.
    • Recycle it: definitely the least climate-friendly option here - please only as a last resort! The box and puzzle contain no plastic, so it's completely recyclable. Either re-use the cotton bag for something else or check with your local waste management to see how to recycle it.
  • How are puzzles made? And where?

    Our puzzles are made here in Germany. We shared some behind-the-scenes photos showing how are puzzles are produced here on our Instagram.

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The box and puzzle are cardboard, the pieces come packed in a cotton bag.

No plastic packaging is used.


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Shipping + Delivery Times

Our puzzles ship within 3 business days.

We ship to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Orders in the EU over €50 ship free.


The puzzle is 68 x 48 cm.

Good to know

This product is for ages 14+.

The artist Katja Anton Cronauer sits at a kitchen table with a puzzle of his artwork, TIN Ducks.

About the Artist

Katja Anton Cronauer was raised in villages and a small town in southwest Germany by two artists. He was allowed to rollick about in pants, play in the mud, and, longer than other kids assigned female at birth, was permitted swimming trunks without a bikini top. He studied Computer Science and then went to Canada, where he studied activism and the internet for his Ph.D.

Today he lives in Berlin, is an artist, and runs trans*fabel, a web shop with art and books on the topic Beyond the Binary Gender System. In his art, he reconstructs oil and acrylic paintings into digitally drawn animals that defy binary expectations.