Our Manifesto

1. Follow the campsite rule and "tell it like it is". 
You're smart enough to decide what's "sustainable" and we'd rather show than tell. Each product's page gives its CO2 footprint. We have nothing to hide.

We also open-source our entire supply chain, below. We know how hard it is to design waste out of a product's supply chain, and we want other producers to benefit from what we've learned and who we recommend.

2. Circular design should not be a luxury.
Our products are priced to be as accessible as possible while respecting the value of our team's time and our costs. We're happy to pay higher unit costs to partners who work within planetary means and even happier to see people enjoy our decks.

3. Other small publishers and creators are not competitors, they're potential partners. 
There's room for all of us. Are you a fellow small business or creator making card games? Or are you based outside the EU, and looking to grow with a local publishing house? Please reach out, we'd love to collaborate with you.

4. Make the games we'll play in Queer Paradise. 
We're here to uplift queer creators and use card games to tell our stories for ourselves and the world.

Watch our coloring books get made: 

Our coloring books are printed Cradle to Cradle ceritified by Gugler Kommunikationshaus in Melk, Austria. Each book gets printed, folded, cut, organised together, stapled, and finally boxed. An expert technician checks for quality and recalibrates as needed at every stage! We’re proud to print locally and choose partners who take this much care and attention to detail.

Video credit © Gugler GmbH

Our supply chain and its certifications

We're proud to have found some fantastic local suppliers who share our commitment to finding the paths of least pollution. Honestly, this transparency is easy because we genuinely recommend our partners.

Our card games and coloring books are made by Gugler in Austria. They are a family-owned printer with a truly impressive list of environmental certifications:

 Photo Credit Gugler GmbH / Jürgen Thoma

Cradle to Cradle
They meet the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute’s Silver standards on material health, product circularity, clean air and climate protection, water and soil stewardship, and social fairness.

Greenprint / Print4Climate

CO2 is emitted from production of the paper, plates, and inks, the printing itself, and the delivery from our supplier in Austria to our warehouse in Berlin. They offset 110% of these emissions via climate protection measures onsite and reforestation projects in the Global South.

The Austrian Ecolabel for Products
Our decks were made in an energy-plus building using healthy, residue-free ink that will completely and harmlessly compost at their eventual end-of-life. These practices have earned our printer the Austrian Federal Ministry of Environment’s Ecolabel.

The paper used for the decks comes from responsibly managed forests.

The final label to mention is the Green Dot. It is one of the industrial waste collection systems we participate in, fulfilling our obligations as producers under German and Austrian law.

Our postcards and workbooks are printed on recycled paper by Pinguin Druck in Berlin. CO2e emissions are compensated via forestation and ocean protection programs from ClimatePartner.

Our puzzles are produced by Friedmann Print in Gomaringen. CO2e emissions are compensated via renewable energy projects in Asia from ClimatePartner.

Our Packaging

We source recyclable cardboard mailers from Medewo, compostable stickers from WirMachenDruck, and recyclable labels from OfficePartner. We ship with DeutschePost and DHL GoGreen.

Suggestions for improvement? 

"Open-source" to us also means listening to ideas and critiques. If you know how we can push our waste even lower - or better yet, if you offer zero-waste printing and packaging, please reach out to us! We'd love to hear from you.