The Major Arcana

The Fool is bounding into the unknown - almost off a cliff! They’re optimistic and excited for the adventures ahead, but Foolishly, have only packed a small sack.

The Magician has collected each Minor Arcana object together to manifest their big goals. One hand is upwards for their dreams, and the other is down, working on their schemes. 

The "High Priestess" tarot card, showing a woman in a large hat sitting between two columns with a moon at her feet.

The High Priestess is a solitary witch, guided by the moon. A femme with a big hat and a scroll under their arm, they are a non-binary powerhouse of intuition and knowledge.

The Emperor is as hard as the throne they’re sitting on. A scepter in one hand represents the mandate to rule, and a shiny orb in the other hand represents the dominion they care for.

The Empress is connected to the Earth, its creatures, and its cycles. The fertile greenery around them underscores their femininity and nurturing maternal wisdom.

The Hierophant is a spiritual leader, the face of tradition. In their left hand, a triple scepter represents the control over the mind, body, and spirit. A raised right hand offers blessings.

The Lovers are having their magical sexual connection blessed by an angel. The romance is fun but also a chance to re-define how they tell each other who they are and what they value.

The Chariot is lifted by sphinxes and carries an armored fighter. Invulnerable and confident, they ride into competition with self-discipline and the will to win.

Strength shows someone so in control of themselves that they can even subdue a wild lion. Their light touch is both brave and gentle, telling the lion they are loved and understood too.

The Hermit is an older, wiser person who enjoys the peace and quiet of solitude. Alone they walk slowly ahead, lighting their own way to self-reflection and understanding. 

Wheel of Fortune is about change, and the fits of luck that come with it. The four zodiac signs, a Sphinx, and a Devil all swirl around a spinning wheel. Which ones are up right now?

Justice shows a character with a sword for victory and scales for mercy. They are breaking the chains of conflict and choosing compassion, peace, and fairness.

The Hanged Man is upside down, stuck in their own trap. It is uncomfortable but they see it as a worthy sacrifice to the new and improved reality waiting for them when it’s all over. 

Death trots in to remind us that although transition and transformation are painful, what we lose makes space for what can come next. Reframe loss as release. 

Temperance shows an angel with one foot on the ground, another in water, pouring water back and forth between cups. Serene and balanced, they tell us to slow down and breathe.

The Devil flaps in with two chained captives. Do you need to confront something that’s trapping you? A dependency, an excess, or an oppressive system of thoughts or beliefs?

The Tower crashes down and brings everything with it! Shattering the crown and its rule, this is an upheaval, a paradigm shift. After the chaos, the survivors will begin building a new one. 

A tarot card showing a woman pouring water onto the ground underneath eight stars.

The Star shows someone pouring water onto the Earth to heal it and their own dream state. Balanced between the material and spiritual, they see what can come from the Tower’s ruins.

The Moon lights the night with intuition, that thing that inspires howling from both the dog and the wolf. We need both our tamed and the wild sides to overcome fears and anxieties.

The "The Sun" tarot card, showing a baby riding a horse with a flag below a large sun.

The Sun shines on a naked baby riding a powerful horse. They have nothing to hide as they happily play around, wholly balanced between what they see and what they feel.

Judgement shows an angel calling the dead from their coffins to evaluate their lives. Outstretching their arms, the mummies hope for a renewed life after the reckoning.

The "The World" tarot card, showing someone dancing in the sky with astrological signs in the corners.

The World concludes our Fool’s Journey. Framed by the fixed zodiac signs, a person dances in the sky to celebrate the hard work and intellect it took to make their dreams come true. 

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