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Club Tarot

Club Tarot

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Stunning (and so sustainable!)

These cards are definitely my top purchase of 2022!! The deck is so creative. I love that the design is a mix of traditional tarot with a Berlin-cool vibe. I pull one daily and it gives me this centering feeling, something to think about. I also cannot believe how sustainably made this is. The paper feels so nice and thick, the colors are vibrant. You can really tell there was so much intentionality in the design from top to bottom. Also makes a great gift! ❤️

Great Set of Cards!

The cards look and feel great, just a quality product!

Lovely Gift for my Partner!

I bought this card set as a gift for my partner, and they loved it! They’re really spiritual and they really wanted one, so I was so happy to see them surprised and happy. They drew a card on the spot for our partnership and was very excited.
I’ve been familiar with Jon’s work for a while now, especially his tenure as a sex toy designer, and you can see the sensibility and care of his work throughout this deck. He really cares about the customer/user and really thinks about the receiving end of his product, and you can see that. I really love how the poppy, minimalist design changes for the different types of cards, whether it be with words or roman numerals. I can’t be more happy that I ordered this, and am definitely looking forward to more!

The result of mixing a beloved mascot, a caffeine dependency, and a passion for circular product design.

These 78 little storyboards contain five layered, epic, and human odysseys across the Major Arcana, Wands, Pentacles, Cups, and Swords. 

Club Tarot is featured in Fuck Lucky Go Happy's Tarot Recommendations

In the box:

78 Tarot Cards with an introduction to Tarot and card-by-card guide.

Collapsible content

Materials + Life Cycle

The cards, box, and booklet are made from FSC-certified paper and healthy, non-toxic inks that are completely and harmlessly compostable at the product's eventual end of life.

The booklet uses two small aluminum staples, which are 100% recyclable.

The decks ship in cardboard mailers.

Pollution footprint

We aim for a net positive impact from our product's production, transport, and consumption. 

About 0.90kg CO2 is emitted from making each deck. This includes production of the paper, plates, and inks, the printing itself, and the delivery from our supplier in Austria to our warehouse in Berlin. Our supplier offsets 0.99kg CO2 per deck via climate protection measures onsite and reforestation projects in the Global South.

You can read more about our footprint and production choices here.


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Shipping + Delivery times

We ship via DHL GoGreen to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Orders in the EU over €50 ship free.

We usually fulfil within one week.


Box: 127 x 76 x 32 mm
Cards: 70 x 120 mm

Good to know

Club Tarot is for ages 14+.

In the video above, I chatted with my friend Melinda Cange about Polar Embassy - a project I started to launch this cheeky and sustainable deck of Tarot cards.

  • Illustrator drawing outside on an iPad

    Christmas 2020

    I illustrated a deck of Tarot cards for my best friend as a gift.

  • Stack of tarot cards and a yellow box on a cloth surface

    She thought they were pretty cool...

  • Hand holding a Club Mate bottle with a cobblestone sidewalk in the background.

    2021: Many bottles of mate later...

    I set up Polar Embassy and found a Cradle-to-Cradle certified printer in Austria...

  • Bundles of unsorted tarot cards wrapped in brown paper.

    ...who does an incredible job producing our decks.

  • Stacks of Club Tarot decks in a cardboard box.

    2022: Launch!

    Finally in stock and ready to go! 

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