Hi! I’m Jon, your Polar Ambassador. 

Jon Derman Harris at the Berlin Winter Qweer Market 2022

In 2020, I illustrated a deck of Tarot cards for my best friend as a Christmas present. She suggested I self-publish it, and Polar Embassy was born. Four years later, it has grown into a scrappy independent publishing house for LGBTQIA+ creators. I can’t believe it’s my job is to celebrate queer joy while highlighting artists I admire (lookin’ at you, Rory and Clara). What a gift this is.

I grew up in Alaska and moved to Berlin in 2017 after getting degrees in Product Design and East Asian Studies. Most of my career has been in sex toy design but I love a good plot twist. When I’m not building Polar Embassy or freelancing as an industrial designer, I’m most likely watching something dark and/or animated (when’s the next Love Death + Robots season coming out?) or trying to find the best bagel in Berlin (Fine Bagels is the one to beat!).

Please message me below if:

  • you’re a creator with a game/zine/concept to pitch! I specifically and warmly invite femme, trans*, and gender non-conforming Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to reach out.
  • you’re a retailer who’d like to join the other 80 shops around Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands who retail our three card decks.

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