We're Kreativpilot*innen!

Wow. Thank you to everyone who voted for us, the jury for the great conversations and for selecting us, and our fellow KreativPilot*innen for instantly becoming such a supportive community.

The "KukPi" Programm selects 32 creative and cultural projects in Germany for a year of tailored mentorship, workshops, and opportunities to cross-pollinate with other entrepreneurs and advocates. It’s an honour to be alongside these 31 badass teams, as well as the ones from the thirteen previous cohorts:


aMStartBLINC / CityCaddy / Crowd Impact / Dr & Dr Middle Eastern Culture and Food Lab / Dreh-Strom / Equality Film / Fashion Label in Togo by Faourouz Sadaoutchi / Finizio / GoLexic / The Imposters / Kompreno / Kynd Hair / Maple Tales / Missoir / SafeSpace / OMCC / Plastikfabrik / Proservation / Queermed Deutschland / Qzeng Productions / Rasa Tabula / Repair Rebels / Scobees / shades&contrast / Undo Yarn / urnfold / VOLTA!C / Wombly / Xia Pleasure Objects / YouCan!

These incredible teams are from all across Germany:  Berlin, Bochum, Buckow, Chemnitz, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Eberswalde, Frankfurt a.M., Hamburg, Köln, Ludwigsburg, Münster, Regensburg, Saarbrücken, Stuttgart, and Wennigsen.

In August, we asked for your help with the public voting. I interviewed in October and attended the first workshop in November. The award ceremony will be in February in Berlin! The program is run by the u-institut and supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BWMK).

This recognition extends Polar Embassy’s platform to spotlight some truly incredible Berlin-based queer artists. And it helps us grow with more sex-positive, sustainable, gender-neutral, and educational products - coming out soon! Stay tuned with us via Instagram, and thank YOU again!


Portrait collage of the 32 teams selected as Kreativpilot*innen 2023/24


Photo credits: City Caddy/Enver Hirsch, Dorothea Tuch, privat, Guillaume Prugniel, Sadaoutchi Design, Sophie Weise Meissner, Tino Thoß, David Reisler, Maple Tales/foundersfoundation50, Carolin Pitzke, Anna Jahn Photography, plastikfabrik, Sapna Richter, RECOU, Fadi Elias und In-Haus eV, Andreas Endermann, Fynn Freund, Julian Naderer, BLINC, Julia Vogel, Claudio Rathlef, SafeSpace, Xia Pleasure Objects, Thomas Bieniek, GoLexic, Houtan Ghazi, Scoobees, Finizio Future Sanitation, YouCan! gGmbH, privat, Rieken Klewinghaus, privat


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